02 April 2012

AL Team FIP by Pitching Postion

Keep an eye on the y-axis.  It changes from one graph to the next.  Also, the order of the teams change as well except for the Orioles who ranked as having the worst pitching by slot for every slot.

First Slot

Second Slot

Third Slot

Fourth Slot

Fifth Slot

As a little extra...here is the Orioles xWAR vs the World

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John said...

Is this assuming a static starting five for 2012? It's pretty likely that the O's will use well in excess of five starters during 2012, how do you account for that in the projections?

Jon Shepherd said...

Take a look back at our FIP by slot series in the past month. These are descriptions of performance in 2011, not projections of 2012.

John said...

Thanks. I followed that series, and found it interesting. I thought this was some means of translating that into 2012 projections. My misunderstanding.