28 March 2012

Which Moose is Better? A Battle of Mussinas

It was announced this week that Mike Mussina will be inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame.  He may be one of the most underrated pitchers in MLB history.  His rWAR of 74.8 puts him as the 15th best pitching career since integration in 1947.  That places him above Don Drysdale (65.7), Juan Marichal (64.0), and the immortal Jim Palmer (63.5).  Every pitcher above him has made the Hall of Fame, except for four who will soon join (Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson, and Pedro Martinez).  That is an amazing collection of pitchers.  As much as we call this past era as the era of extreme batting performances...it also was apparently an era of remarkable pitching.  For comparison, there is no pitcher with more than 60 rWAR who began his career between Rick Reuschel in 1972 and Roger Clemens in 1984.

However, for the Oriole fan, another question remains: Who is better?  Oriole Mike or Yankee Mike?

You decide in a good old fashion moose fight.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Clemens will be in the HOF or atleast not first ballot.

Jon Shepherd said...

The only guys who have been kept out of the Hall have been those who have been specifically barred from it. Time will give forgiveness. The Hall is full of cheaters and people with poor character traits.

Clemens will get in. It may not be the first ballot or the second, but that does not really matter. You are either in or out. That is what matters.

That said, the Hall is a rather silly place.