28 January 2011

Orioles Promotional Wish List

The Orioles today published their preliminary promotional calendar.  For those who love bobbleheads, you will get a shot at Buck and Matusz.  However, I am not one of those people.  Of the initial list, I am rather indifferent and unimpressed in comparison to what the Pirates have in store for their fans.

So, it is one thing to complain and it is another to offer suggestions, so the following are my top ten suggestions after the jump.  Let me know if you have any to add.

No. 1 - Sabermetric Day
The first 20,000 fans receive a plastic clipboard that on one side informs the fan how to keep track of a score card and on the other makes fans aware of advanced metrics (e.g. what they mean and how to calculate the simple ones).  In addition, the stat lines and scoreboards utilize advanced metrics whenever possible.

No. 2 - Mother's Day - Cancer Awareness
The first 20,000 fans receive a big pink straw Orioles hat to raise awareness for breast cancer and skin cancer.

No. 3 - Build an Oriole Day
The first 20,000 kids get to make an Oriole themed plush toy through Build-a-Bear stations.

No. 4 - Armed Forces Day
First 15,000 fans receive Orange and Black digital camouflage t-shirts.  Military personnel enter for free.

No. 5 - Frank Robinson Day
First 15,000 fans receive a replica 1966 FRob jersey to commemorate the 45th anniversary of his 1966 MVP season.

No. 6 - John Waters Night
Orioles celebrate the life and films of John Waters.  First 10,000 fans receive an orange flamingo/John Waters bobblehead.

No. 7 - David Hasselhoff Night
Celebrate Baltimore's own David Hasselhoff with 15,000 Orioles swimming trunks and lots of German drink and food.  Let him sing the National Anthem.

No. 8 - Opening Series Orioles Snuggie Night
Those first few games can be downright freezing, so why not hand out 20,000 waterproof snuggies.

No. 9 - Saturday Blood Oranges Days
One Saturday a month, give blood at the Yard in the picnic area and get a free soda, pretzel, and a card that lets you bypass the game day ticket surcharge all season long.

No. 10 - Charity Mondays
The Children's Cancer Fund at the University of Maryland receives 10% of every ticket sold on Mondays.

Now these would be awesome promotions.


The Oriole Way said...

Excellent. I especially like the score keeping clipboard and the Frank Robinson jersey. Frank doesn't get enough credit for being an amazing ballplayer.

Speaking of not enough credit, I also want Ken Singleton t-shirt night. And craft beer night. Finally, Oktoberfest O's mugs, but this time I do not want my beer "stein" sponsored by Guinness.

Jon Shepherd said...

Excellent idea! Natty Bo Stein Night!