06 April 2008

Today's Links

Today's Links:

Aaron Crow Biomechanics Report

Kiley McDaniel breaks down potential Orioles draft pick Aaron Crows over at SaberScouting. Crow has great mechanics, but there is a kink in his delivery that decreases his tempo. As he brings his arm fully cocked behind him, he has this weird hitch as he comes back across that slows down his movement and increases stress on his elbow. It probably means nothing, but, yeah, that looks like the only issue with his mechanics. Very sound, but he could improve his speed to the plate by correcting that hitch . . . if possible without affecting his performance. Weight transfer and front-side mechanics are near perfect.
Discussion at the Baltimore Sun

Chorye Spoone Biomechanics Report

Alex Eisenberg over at the Hardball Times breaks down Orioles minor leaguer Chorye Spoone:
Spoone is a workhorse. He'll walk his share of batters, but if he can maintain a solid K rate to go along with the many ground balls he is going to give up, then there is a possibility that he can reach his upside as a No. 2 starter. His mentality and work ethic give him an even better chance of reaching that upside.
Discussion at the Baltimore Sun

Composite Model Prediction for 2008 Season
In 6000 seasons, the O's never won the East. TB have a 1 in 20 chance of winning it. We do not have a 1 in 6000 chance. Yikes. No other team failed to win their division once in 6000 seasons.

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