09 April 2008

Jaffe predicts O's get Bonds

On Jay Jaffe's blog, he predicts that Barry Bonds will sign with the Orioles on July 1st. I guess the immediate question would be: why? What really would make Barry and the Orioles a good fit for a July 1st signing?

Now, Barry is a DH. He just isn't a left fielder anymore with his knees and hammies. So, with whom does he conflict?
Kevin Millar, Aubrey Huff, Nolan Reimold, Scott Moore.

What needs to happen?
1. Millar and Huff would have to be dealt with Moore taking over 1st, Bonds at DH, and Reimold struggling in the minors.
2. Millar and/or Huff would need to be dealt with Bonds at DH, Moore as a utility man or at 2B, and Reimold struggling.

What will happen?
Millar is dealt. Huff and Moore share 1b. Huff and Scott share DH. Scott and Reimold share LF. Bonds signs with a team that is actually competing for a playoff spot.

Where does Bonds go?
Detroit. To share time with Sheffield at DH and to spell Jacque Jones in LF against left handed pitchers. Jones is so awful against southpaws that I can imagine Jim Leyland would put up with Barry and Cabrera killing their defense on the left side. Add in a healthy Granderson and you have some help out there for Barry.

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