19 August 2014

Arrivals and Departures: 8/19/2014

With another win last night and both the Jays and Yankees not playing, Baltimore has seen their lead grow to 8 and 7.5 games, respectively, over this season's AL East foes.  This puts the club is great position and is about a 19 in 20 chances of making the playoffs.  All across the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area, Orioles fans are putting away their high blood pressure meds and enjoying baseball as if they we kids without a care in the world.  At the moment, life is nice as an Orioles fan.

What has turned into somewhat of a cakewalk (though keep in mind there is a 1 in 20 chance the wheels fall off), was thought by nearly all not to be the case back in March.  We projected, after a Buck adjustment, that the team would make it into the first Wild Card slot with 90 wins.  We were wrong about the playoff position, but with the club on pace for 94 wins we are comfortable with how well our model did this year.  Of course, the success of our model may well just be coincidence.

It has been a long while since we last published a 40 man roster list with options.  There are a couple changes on this one.  I have included blue as players who have remaining options, but have more than five years of service which means they can only be optioned willingly.  I have also designated Brian Matusz' final option as disputed.  It has been said he can no longer be optioned, but based on my understanding of the MLB contract he signed at the draft he should have four total options.  Only three have been used, so I am uncertain at the discrepancy. Finally, I do not understand what Jimmy Paredes has a fourth option.

I do look forward to the day when MLB, Baseball-Reference, or someone reports option years in an easily accessible format.  One can dream, but right now I prefer to dream about baseball in October.


Unknown said...

According to Baseball America:

MLB’s option rules do allow select players to get a fourth option year, but they’re only eligible during their first five seasons in full-season ball.

Because Matusz is now in his sixth season of full-season ball (09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14) he would appear to be ineligible for a fourth option year.

Anonymous said...

What does the P indicate in the options grid?

Anonymous said...

I would have thought Weeks was optioned this year, given he spent time in Baltimore.

Unknown said...

Two other points. Paredes was eligible for a fourth option year this year because his first year in full-season ball was 2010; hence 2014 is his fifth season of full-season ball.

Second, there appears to be an oversight in the outfielders section. Nolan Reimold in now in the Blue Jays organization; Delmon Young and Henry Urrutia are missing from the chart.

Jon Shepherd said...

Joe - nice pickup. Thanks.

P - Player controls the option.

Weeks - Yes, oversight on my part. 3/29/2014

Jon Shepherd said...

Joe - Apparrently, 2 hours is not enough sleep. Reimold should be deleted and Young and Urrutia were clipped off the JPEG for some reason.

Erik said...

The club signs players to "do something" to appease fans who demand that the club "do something."

Matt Perez said...

"Really, really, really intriguing to see O's somehow get Darvish. I can't fathom how we gave Ubaldo a contract that remotely resembles the one the Rangers gave Darvish...one is an ace, the other is barely a 4th/5th starter. How the hell do things like this happen?"

For starters, the Rangers did pay his Japanese team about $50 million to negotiate with him. The Rangers really paid $106 million for 5 years with $56 million going to Darvish and $50 million going to his team.

When the Rangers signed Darvish he had only pitched in Japan. It wasn't clear how his performance would translate to the majors. IF it wasn't a risk then Darvish would have received probably another $50 million. Jimenez has started in the majors and was proven.

Nomad said...

Totally forgot the negotiation with his Japanese team. Now that makes a lot more sense.

Still, would it be worth it right now to target a guy like Darvish via trade?