22 February 2012

Predicting WAR from FIP and IP

This is more or less a somewhat uninteresting way to determine fWAR in a messy shorthand way.  I ran a regression with FIP and IP as my variables and WAR as the y.  For those who do not often pay attention here, the following definition might be useful:
FIP - Fielding Independent Pitching is a metric that tries to isolate aspects of a stat sheet that the pitcher directly affects. It is calculated using this formula:

        FIP = coefficient + (HR*13 + (BB + HBP - IBB)*3 - K*2) / IP.
The objective of this post is merely to show how FIP and IP relate to fWAR.  I will be using this messy number from time to time over the next couple weeks.  It is also important to recognize that the numbers are league dependent, so an AL and NL equation is needed.

Again...this is just a fast an easy way for me to generate rough fWARs.  You should use the real thing.

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