28 April 2010

2010 Composite MLB Draft Prospect Rankings: Late April Edition

The graph below (click on it to blow it up) is the mid-season composite top 50 ranking for the 2010 MLB draft. Included in the current composite scores are Keith Law's top 100, Nick James' PNR Scouting top 100, and PG Crosschecker's top 100. As both Law's and PG's are member only lists, I will not divulge the numbers behind these scores. The graphs are representations of the average + standard deviation.

After the jump, just a few observations on this list and how Keith Law's, Nick James's, and PG Crosschecker's differ.

Total number of players in the composite list: 144

Unique Players on Each List in the Top 50
Keith Law: Mel Rojas Jr. (18), Kellin Deglan (31), Dixon Anderson (49)
Nick James: Tyler Austin (45), Jared Lakind (48)
PG Crosschecker: Jarrett Parker (43), Austin Wood (49)

Players to Watch
Chris Sale - Keith Law is much further down on Sale than either James or PG. It will be interesting to see how each of these rankings change at draft time.
Aaron Sanchez - James values Sanchez much less than Law or PG.
Gary Brown - His rankings run the gamut from high (PG), middle (Law), and low (James).

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