06 June 2014

Defensive Makeup of Catchers in the Draft

I forgot to post this earlier, but, based on the study I had posted last week showing the difficulty defensively poor amateurs had at sticking behind the plate, here is a run down of catchers for those who I think will go in the first five rounds.  The defensive marks are based on Baseball America's scouting reports.

First Round
C/OF Alex Johnson
C Max Pentecost
C/1B Kyle Scwarber

None of these guys are currently proficient behind the plate, putting them all in the 18% group.  They all have solid bats, so that will also be a pressure to push them in front and lower their chances at keeping their catching mitts.

Second Round
C J.J. Schwartz
C/1B Chase Vallot
C Aramis Garcia
C Evan Skoug
C Greyson Grainor

Of these, only Swartz and Grainor get good grades for their defense.  They have a solid chance of seeing time in the Majors.

Third Round
C Jackson Reetz
C Taylor Gushoe
C Mark Zagunis

Reetz and Gushoe are the bets to make here if your goal is to develop an MLB catcher.

Fourth Round
C Brett Austin
C KJ Harrison
C Matt Morgan
C Riley Adams

Harrison is the defensive blue chip.  Morgan and Adams are very inexperienced and might be good flyers.

Fifth Round
C Simon Lucas
C/1B Michael Cantu
C Shane Zeile
C/1B Skyler Ewing
C Roy Morales 
C Nathan Rodriguez
C Devon Fisher 

Rodriguez and Fisher are the only ones here with acceptable defense.

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