26 September 2013

Schoop! Congratulations.

Congratulations to Jonathan Schoop on his debut and his first MLB home run.

Direct link to video in case it is not working on your screen. (This is from MLB and is of only Schoop's home run while the one below is ESPN's highlight reel)


Matt Kremnitzer said...

Per ESPN's Home Run Tracker, that ball traveled 430 feet. Not a bad way to start a career.

Unknown said...

very happy for him. last year in bowie, schoop was literally in the coaches office everyday asking me to pull up video of his at bats from the previous night. good kid, hard worker.

Philip said...

Over at bleacher report, an article listing MLBs top 100 prospects completely ignored Jonathan.
Should we read anything into that?
The Orioles farm system is very sparse. Is it possible he's just the best of it we have?

Jon Shepherd said...

Well, you can probably put him from 50th to 150th. I think Bleacher tends to performance scout a bit, but I am not sure on who you are preferring to. A performance based scout would not identify Schoop as a great prospect.

BR is not really a gold standard when it comes to prospects. That must have been a really long slide show.

Matt Kremnitzer said...

If you don't consider Bundy and Gausman prospects, things are pretty thin. Who would be the top three? Schoop, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Hunter Harvey? Or maybe throw in Michael Ohlman or Mike Wright? Yikes.

Unknown said...

Bundy is obviously still a prospect. Gausman is still a "prospect" as a young pitcher who hasn't established himself; he's 3 2/3 innings away from exhausting his rookie eligibility. I don't have the exact number of days he was on the Orioles major-league roster before September 1.