21 February 2011

¡Dia de los Presidentes!

I think it is a good time to remember Dennis Martinez (aka El Presidente) on President's Day and to wish everyone well today.
Isn't that an old school picture of the Inner Harbor?
Pier 3 or Pier 6.  I would lean toward pier 6.

Any thoughts?  I was just four then.


The Oriole Way said...

Is that the World Series rally in 1983 at City Hall?

That looks like Pier 4, which is where the ESPN Zone used to be.

Jon Shepherd said...

Yeah, the Power Plant is in the background and I cannot see to figure out which side it would be on. So, I don't think he is standing on Pier 4, but on a pier next to it.

I do love looking at these old photos of Baltimore. Everything is so familiar, yet so different.

Anonymous said...

He's on Light Street, before they built Harborplace.

Jon Shepherd said...

Yeah, that makes sense. I was thinking at first that the power lant looks too close, but it probably is the most likely place to get that angle.

Good call, anon.