06 June 2008

Craw's Schedule

I'm not sure what Stotle's schedule is, but here is mine:

Saturday: Radhames Liz 2008 Debut Review
Monday: ML level +/- of MacPhail's decisions
Tuesday: Odds update will be back with new correction for my projections
Wednesday: Effect of Managerial Ejections on Team Performance
Thursday: Any suggestions?

Thanks once again for checking out the site. All of you make this site worthwhile running it. Stotle should have a breakdown next week of both rounds and I am pretty eager about hearing his take on a couple guys selected today.


MJ said...

I'm dying to hear about a potential correlation between managerial ejection and positive team performance. I have a hard time believing that such a thing exists but I'm curious to see your methodology (even if I'm certain to disagree with your conclusions).

Crawdaddy said...

Oh, I am halfway through it. I have not run any methods on it yet, but I would be surprised if it affects a team one way or another. I selected for isolated events that are buffered by a month and comparing the effect on the single game, fives games after, and ten games after.

Thanks for the feedback.